Master Good renews Sága

Only domestic raw materials, 100% GMO-free

Quality related expectation cannot be a privilege of consumers buying luxury products – says Master Good, owned by the Bárány family With 113 years of knowledge and experience, the leader in the domestic poultry market has renewed one of the country’s favourite frankfurter, the “Füstli”, as well as the entire “Füstli” and “Füstlizer” product family.

Az 1907-ben induló tradíciókon alapuló, családi vállalkozásként működő Master Good a közelmúltban Master Good, the family business that started its operation in 1907 recently acquired Sága, which also has a long history, from its British owner. The Sárvár plant has returned to domestic ownership after more than 30 years. As it is a significant player in the poultry market, merger of Sága into the Master Good Group increases the country’s economic strength with this change in ownership.

2020: The entire “Füstli” and “Füstlizer” product family is reborn

The Kisvárda based Master Good, which is a key player in the world as well, is the most significant player in the Hungarian poultry market with the largest market share. From its North- Eastern Hungarian headquarter it exports its products to four continents; the products are made from exclusively Hungarian meat, that comes from chickens fed with GMO-free feed, and which are free from yield boosting and hormones.

Master Good will continue to apply this responsible thinking in Sága’s “Füstli” and “Füstlizer” portfolio, switching from the turkey raw material to its own GMO-free chicken meat. The other significant step in reforming Sága is the launch of “Füstli” made from pork meat, which is also popular with Hungarian consumers.

The renewal of Sága “Füstli” and “Füstlizer” product family was preceded by a long work in the background, the key element of which is also the redesign of the product packaging. 

Master Good’s quality thinking is also mirrored in the number of creative professionals invited to take part in the renewal, among others Géza Ipacs brand builder (Apacs Stúdió) and Gábor Herendi film director.

The renewed “Füstli” and “Füstlizer” products are available in the domestic retail chains.