A Hungarian entrepreneur established an egg trading company.



In 1925 the company extended its activities for purchasing, processing and exporting poultry and game, and then it built its first cold store.



During WWII. the company became a member of a state cooperative, and became the centre of a food distributing network.



After the socialization, in 1948 it continued its operation under state supervision. After changing name several times, it was renamed to “Sárvári Baromfifeldolgozó Vállalat” (Sárvár Poultry Processing Company).

1989 –1992


At the beginning of the political transition in Hungary, in 1990, the Sárvár Poultry Processing Company and the Austria based Glatter GmbH established a joint venture, called “SáGa Szárnyas Finomságok Kft”. In 1992 the Sárvár Poultry Processing Company was transformed into a joint stock company. Majority of the shares (96.5 %) was owned by the “Állami Privatizációs és Vagyonkezelő Rt”. (ÁPV Rt.) (State Privatization and Property Management Joint Stock Co.), while the smaller part of the shares was held by the local government.

1992 –1996


In 1996, the joint venture and joint stock company was merged under the name of Sága Foods, and then in 2003 (after several increase in its capital and acquisition of the minority shares) Sága became part of the Bernard Matthews Group in 100%.

1989 –1992


The turkey growing and feed producing branches were separated from Sága Foods in 2007, and a separate company was established under the name of “Pannon Pulyka”. Sága Foods was operating as a private limited company, while “Pannon Pulyka” operated as a limited liability company. Both Sága Foods and Pannon Pulyka were owned in 100% by Bernard Matthews Group.



In 2016, Bernard Matthews, and thus Sága Foods Zrt. was bought by Boparan Holdings. This way they became part of the largest chicken producing company in Great Britain, also owning 2Sisters Food. With the acquisition of Bernard Matthews, Boparan Holdings became the largest player in the UK turkey market.



Today, Sága is one of the key players in the Hungarian meat product market; our brands – Sága, Fini Mini and Falni Jó! – are known and loved by our consumers.

In our product range, which complies with the modern nutritional and technological guidelines, one can find frankfurters, Parisian type products, cold cuts, aspic products and deep frozen convenient products, which are sold in both domestic and export markets.

We strive to cover market niches with our new products, or create demand for new products with our innovative strategy and product ideas. Main objectives and strategy of our company have not changed: we still want to play a leading role in the Hungarian meat product market with high quality, innovative products, with strengthening our brand and meeting a wide range of consumer needs. We remain committed to the general improvement of the meat products’ quality and to the correct information of the consumers.

The cornerstone of brand building for us is the innovation, as this way we are able to meet customers’ needs to the maximum, to implement new ideas. As part of this, we renewed the products’ packaging, and now we have a unified image on the shelves.



On January 13, 2020, the Hungarian Master Good Kft. purchased 100% of shares of Sága Foods Zrt. The Master Good Group operates in North- Eastern Hungary, deals with integrated feed production, poultry growing, hatching, broiler growing and poultry processing. The company group is owned by the Bárány family in 100 %. The family has been involved in poultry growing for 100 years, covering four generations, being the oldest poultry growing dynasty in Hungary. The first generation starting the tradition was the manorial poultry grower of Count Széchenyi. The commitment to the profession represented by him has been passed from generation to generation. The key to the groups’ success also stems from this legacy. The Bárány family has been committed to quality for 113 years.

“The acquisition of Sága strictly fits into the long term strategy of Master Good Group, according to which we would like to expand our product portfolio. In the future big technological developments are planned at our plant in Sárvár. Main purpose of these investments is to increase efficiency and developing new, high quality products. There are a lot of synergies between the two companies. The consumers can only benefit from providing the good quality, GMO-free raw materials.” – said László Bárány, owner of the Master Good Group.