The Sága ROYAL frankfurter has won a prestigious award!

Organized by “Made in Hungary”, Hungary’s most renowned chefs, gastronomic experts and food industrial engineers have selected the best frankfurter. 

The end of the year is always about testing frankfurters, no difference this year. The “Made in Hungary” TOP gastronomic association searched for and selected the best frankfurter of Hungary with the help of nationally and internationally recognized experts. The 10-member jury, that was made up of TOP chefs, food engineers and gastronomic specialists, chose Sága ROYAL frankfurter the best on a blind test.  

On November 3, 2020 the jury evaluated the frankfurters on the frankfurter test organized by “Made in Hungary” on the basis of scent/aroma, structure/texture, crispiness, flavour/harmony and overall impression. The “Made in Hungary” movement was established by the Bocuse d’Or Academy and the Dining Guide. The official testing took place in an exceptional and imposing venue, in the Párisi Passage.

Only those frankfurters could compete, which are commercially available, prepacked, contain at least 75% meat, filled in sheep casing, contain pork and/or beef meat in a varying proportion. 

Lajos Lutz, the chef of Párisi Passage prepared the frankfurters on the spot, based on the recommendations of the respective manufacturers and indicated on the packaging. The frankfurters were evaluated by the 10-memeber jury – chefs, food industrial engineers, gastronomic experts – in a blind test, based on the test sheet criteria. Based on the evaluation, the maximum score was 25. Based on the average score given by the jury members, the highest result was 18.7 for 

the ROYAL frankfurter, produced by Sága, belonging to the Master Good Group.

The additional rankings can be seen in the below list.

Top 5 frankfurters of 2020 based on the test organized by “Made in Hungary” is:

place: Sága Royal frankfurter (85% pork meat) 18.7 points

2. place: Spar Regnum frankfurter in sheep casing (75% pork meat) 17.9 points

3. place: Wiesbauer Prémium Sacher frankfurter (75% pork meat, 3% beef) 17.6 points

4. place: Wiesbauer Prémium Wiener frankfurter (80% pork meat, 4% beef) 17.5 points

5. place: Pikok Wiener crispy frankfurter (80% pork meat) 17.4 points

Jury of the “Made in Hungary” frankfurter test:

● Barna Ádám Bisztró 42 co-owner, chef – Dining Guide Chef of the Year 2018

● Erdei János Pasztell Étterem chef – Dining Guide TOP10 / Promising Restaurant of the Year 2020

● Gyekiczki János Hungarofood owner-acting manager, food industrial engineer

● Hamvas Zoltán Bocuse d’Or Academy Chairman

● Pákozdi Nóra Dining Guide TOP100 editor-in-chief

● Rosenstein Robert Rosenstein Restaurant co-owner

● Sárközi Ákos Borkonyha/Textúra chef – Dining Guide TOP10 2020 – Michelin star  

● Széll Tamás Stand/Stand25 co-owner chef – Dining Guide Restaurant of the Year 2020 – Michelin star 

● Tóth Gábor food industrial engineer

● Lutz Lajos Párisi Passage executive-chef

30/11/2020 Budapest